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Lisa Sherman:

Professional Exercise Specialist

Cell: 908-601-0466

CERTIFICATIONS, past and present

*Contracted and sponsored, "NIKE" New Zealand international fitness athlete, educational provider, and presenter. 

*ACE, group fitness instructor, gold level personal trainer, presenter and educational provider.

*AFAA, group fitness instructor, presenter and special populations group instructor.

*ACSM, exercise leader and health fitness director.

*Moms on the Move, pre-post natal certification.

*Network, Austral-Asian international instructor, educational provider and presenter.

*Mad Dogg Athletics, Spinning Master instructor, presenter and educational provider.




*BA- MS- Dance- Exercise Kinesiology

*9 years owner, creator, director, choreographer of “The Dow Power Hour” a network TV program;

Auckland New Zealand. Prestige marketing producers.

*Contracted, sponsored “NIKE” New Zealand fitness athlete, educational provider and presenter. 

* Danced with The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes

*14 years professionally dancing-singing on Broadway, NYC.

*Recording artist for Noble records, Chrysalis productions, and Creative record productions.


*Co-owner and creative director of the “Dow-Beard Fitness Studio”, Auckland NZ.

*Owner, creative initiative and fitness consultant of the “Lisa Sherman-Dow Personal Training Studio” NJ.


*group fitness instruction and fitness program developer.

*The Spinning program, Master instructor JG energy zone heart rate training.

* Free style Barre sculpting

*Pre-post natal exercise programs.

*Complete Body Sculpting muscle conditioning programming.


*1990-1996 “Network” New Zealand and Australian convention presenter: Step choreography, Body Sculpting, Low Impact choreography, Exercise Bio-mechanics and Pre-Post natal exercise.

*1994-1996 “IDEA” World convention: Step choreography, Body Sculpting.

*1995 “NIKE Fit Tour” New Zealand: Step choreography, Body Sculpting, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Bio-mechanics, A&P, Pre-Post natal exercise, Low Impact choreography.

*1996-1999 “Aerofit” East Coast workshop series: All areas mentions above.

*1999 “WSSC” Spinning convention presenter: Chicago.

*2000 “WSSC” Spinning convention and workshop Master presenter: Alaska, Chicago.

*1996-2001 “ECA” international fitness convention: Spinning and Muscle conditioning-Body Sculpting workshop presentations.

*2002-2003-2005 “WSSC” Spinning convention presenter: Chicago and Miami.

*2000 and 2005 Creator and organizer of NJ’s “Spin-A-thon” benefit with proceeds towards the “Parker House family clinic” and the “NJ Family and Children’s Services”.


*Equinox, NYC

*New York Sports Club, NY, NJ

*Jersey Strong, NJ

*Ocean Fitness, NJ

*Spinning Wheels, NJ


*Kick, NJ

*Power of One, NJ

*The Atlantic Club, NJ

* Personal training residential and corporate

EXERCISE AND VIDEO RELEASES 1996- Abs and back workout 30 min--NIKE 1996- Abs-butt-Thigh workout 30 min--NIKE 1996 low impact workout-30 min--NIKE 1996 NIKE step masterclass--NIKE 1995 step/interval with dyna-bands-1 hour—NIKE 1991 Body sculpting with Dyna-bands—Roche vitamens 1990 step video-1 hour—ROCHE VITAMENS 1991-pre-natal workout 1 hour plus interviews ROCHE VITAMENS


YOUTUBE.COM...for more recent Step and Barre workouts

*”The Dow Power Hour” good morning exercise program: Prestige Marketing Productions and NIKE sponsored.

*”The Dow Power Hour” exercise video: Step and Core.

*”The Workout Video” part 1.) Hi-Low and Body Sculpting: Roche sponsored.

*”The Workout Video” part 2.) Body Sculpting with Dyna Bands: Roche sponsored.

*”The Workout Video” Pre- Post natal Exercise: Roche sponsored.

*”The Lisa Dow Step Apparatus” marketed and distributed through Prestige Marketing.

*”The Workout Video” part 3.) Step Interval Training and Body Sculpting: NIKE sponsored.

*”The Lisa Dow Video Step Series” 2—90 minute video programs: NIKE sponsored.

*”The Lisa Dow 30-minute Video Series of 3” Abs & Back, LIA, and Abs Bum and Thighs; NIKE sponsored.

*”The Lisa Dow 30 minute infomercial series of 2”: Suzanne Paul productions.


*The Lisa Dow Pre-Post natal Exercise booklet: Roche.

*The Lisa Dow Step Workout Program booklet: NIKE

*The Lisa Dow complete Dyna-Band Exercise booklet; NIKE.

*”Active” magazine, an Austral-Asian exercise publication; 2 feature covers and articles on the Lisa Dow exercise show and gym facility.

*”More Fashion Quarterly” an interview concerning fitness and its direction.

*”Woman’s Weekly”, an interview concerning woman, beauty and exercise.

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